Is RIC nursing program day/night like CCRI? Is RIC nursing program day/night like CCRI? | allnurses

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Is RIC nursing program day/night like CCRI?

  1. 0 Hi guys, new member here. I am currently taking prereq classes at CCRI, but I am still deciding between Nursing and PTA. If I choose Nursing, then I will need to decide between CCRI and RIC. I was just wondering how the program at RIC works. Is it offered as day and night programs, similar to CCRI. Thank you
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    Hello. Most of the lectures are during the day at RIC. Selected courses offer evening clinicals (3-11) but you can't bank on them as they're not available for every course and may not be consistent. Right now, nursing lectures are once per week for 3 hours, but i've heard rumors that next semester they're beginning to split them up and have either two 1.5 hour classes or three one hour classes. Not entirely sure though. Let me know if you have any other questions about the RIC program. I'm a senior.
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    What hours do the courses run during the day?