If I go the BSN route can I take the LPN exam?

  1. Im not sure if its a dumb question or not. Right now im working on pre reqs, and was curious if going the BSN way is better. But I also have two children under two and Im working as a CNA. The pay is not what I need right now. But Im not sure Im a bit conflicted on which way is the best way.
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  3. by   elkpark
    Do you mean can you take the NCLEX-PN and work as an LPN while you're in a BSN program? That depends on your state (some states allow students to challenge the LPN boards after they've completed some specific portion of an RN program and some don't), and, if you're in a state that does allow it, whether your school's curriculum is set up so that you meet the state requirements. Your specific RN program would be able to tell you whether that's an option for their students.