Human Anatomy at Rhode Island College

  1. Hi! I am a 2nd Bachelor's student at RIC and have to take Human Anatomy before I can apply to the program. I am taking it, er, WAS taking it this semester but had to withdraw because I was having a hard time in it. Partly due to my study habits, juggling work, school AND kid, but MAINLY due to my lousy teacher (putting it bluntly.) I am planning on taking it again in the Spring with a DIFFERENT faculty member. I am hoping for some advice on who the best teacher to take Anatomy with is. I look for charisma in a professor, someone who engages the students, gives helpful lectures (not just winging it to powerpoints that come with the text book), someone who cares and makes it all make perfect sense and doesn't expect you to know every minute detail from the chapters as if you're a doctorate student! I really need an inspiring professor, so any advice would be appreciated. I tried asking my adviser for a recommendation but I guess she is not at liberty to give that type of advice. She told me to ask other students so thought I'd post to this site. I really REALLY want to succeed at this but I also need a really great professor to guide me through it and not just some deadwood collecting a paycheck. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
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