Community colleges in Westerly RI

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    Hello Everyone, I am interested in taking a non credit course in Westerely RI. I was curious if anyone know of a good school there since I am from CT. I want tot take a A&P class for fun. Is there a good teacher I should look to take the class with? Any advice would help

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    Hi RN28MD,

    I am from Cranston, just up the road from Westerly and I can not think of any schools in that area. CCRI has a campus in Newport, Warwick, Lincoln and Providence. Also, URI is in Kingston. Good luck and I am curious how you make out on the search.

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    ccri has a satellite campus in westerly but they dont offer to many classes. actually here is a breif, bus admin, eng. history, math psych, sociology, spanish and speech.
    other than that, im pretty sure thats it for schools down there. URI is located in south kingstown, not to far north from westerly.

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