CCRI nursing program Fall 2014... who else is applying? - page 43

Hey! just wanted to know who on here will be applying this February.. and if u don't mind sharing ur points! :-) good luck everyone!... Read More

  1. by   Hopeful0630
    U didn't miss anything really important... Make sure u buy a watch with a second hand on it... All exams r given at the Warwick campus... And clinical assignments and reading assignments will be sent at the end of August... Also the booklist is online if u go to the ccri bookstore site put in nurse 1010 and ill get the list... Ur scrub tops and lab jackets must be purchased at the bookstore pants on the other hand can be ordered at Alexander's that's what I DoD and I got koi pants in Hunter green and they fit perfect unlike the potatoe sac pants they have at ccri.. order ur pants asap though because it takes them about 2 weeks to come in... Hmm don't think there's much else ... Hope this helped.. And also like asgarcia said study up on dosage and medical terminology... We got this!! 😜