Anyone applying to CCRI this summer?

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    Hey everyone!
    Unless something goes horribly wrong tonight at my Micro final, I'm going to be submitting my application for Spring '10 day program in Lincoln. I was just wondering who else is applying! (I need people to wait anxiously with for the four months!) Good luck to everyone!
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    Good luck on the final. I am starting 9/09 N/W in Newport. My wait was a verrrry long 2 years. Of course, that was before the performance-based requirements. I was involved in the first-come-first-served lunacy.

    Best wishes
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    good luck on your final I think my friend is In your class and loves it
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    Thanks for the luck everyone! I'm totally going to need it! Crazen, it's a great class, definitely a lot of info to take in during a summer session, but it's gone pretty well!
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    I dont think you have to reapply. Admissions will see that you've completed Micro. I dont think you need to submit another application.
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