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So I'm thinking my story is like others here. Got through nursing school, struggled but passed NCLEX (thank GOD!), life happens-time passes and here I am. Right now I feel that I'm my the brink of giving up hope :( I'm in a... Read More

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    check you state board of nursing web site. south dakota state university has an on line course in almost every state--jsut make sure it's approved for your state.

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    Update... There is Hope!
    Thank You Jesus! I got into a long term care facility where they know I'm new and are working with me. Everyday I work I get to learn new things. It's a bit scary but there are great people I can ask questions to. I'm still going through with the refresher and trying to apply it to work.
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    congratulaions!! so nice to hear this!!!
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    Wow, great for you, I am super jealous! Did you have any previous nursing experience? What did you do to get the job? I'd love the details, I can't believe you managed to get a job without a refresher! I hope it is still going well!

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