Interview a nurse that practiced/educated in the 1950s

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    interview a nurse who was educated in the 1950s
    this can be an in-person interview, over-the-phone interview, or an electronic interview.
    1. what were the conditions of the health care system?
    2. where did she/he go to school and year of graduation?
    3. what kind of education did she/he receive?
    4. what kinds of things were taught in school?
    5. who did the teaching?
    6. what was nursing practice like in the 1950s?
    7. were care plans used?
    thank you, msn student
    8. what was the status of nursing in relation to the rest of the health care team?
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    Hi, just read your post and noted 0 responses. I would think you might want to try local Assisted Living or even NH. Most of the nurses would getting up in years and may not check in here as I am guessing all would be retired.

    You do make me feel young!