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How to transition from Psych RN to a medical floor

  1. 0 I am a 59 year old psych nurse who has not done any medical nursing since graduating from nursing school 4 years ago. I love my job but there aren't many places to transition to in the psych field here and so I would like to transition into another area of nursing. I live in Arizona. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I go about this?
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    Apply, Apply, Apply! The communication skills needed in Psych nursing are valuable in almost every area of nursing. Patient satisfaction is extremely important and hiring managers are looking for this skill. I have just transitioned into another area of nursing from Psych experience (and I had not worked in 20 yrs.). It only took me about four months to find a great job.
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    I'm really anxious to see your responses b/c my experience is limited to public health. Even though I love it & want to remain in the field, I have no idea how to transition to acute care if ever the need should arise. Refresher courses? I feel like I would be at a disadvantage relative to a new grad with regard to my technical skills on the floor.
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