Going Inactive

  1. I need to know if anyone here has their licenses on inactive statues. And if so what was the procedure you had to go through to have it done.
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  3. by   showmemom
    Hi...I went inactive last year as being on disability I just could not come up with the license fee.....I went thru our licensing board(Missouri)and talked with them on phone...I just checked the box of my license renewal form and sent it back,they said when I am ready to renew just to call or write them and they would send out a renewal for me.....hope this helps...I've been disabled now since 98 but would dearly love to get back into the field,I really miss it!
  4. by   homeschmomof4
    Same here...I went inactive after the birth of our 4th child...that was ten years ago after being on maternity leave, I decided to become a SAHM! Here in MD all that was required was to check a box on our license renewal form.
  5. by   leecian
    I haven't been yet!
  6. by   qje444
    i am retired but i keep renewing my license, so if i ever want to work a few days a week.