Expired LVN license---21 years ago

  1. Hello,

    My LVN license expired 21 years ago. I have spent the past 21 years raising my children. I now desperately want to gain my license once again. I recieved my license in Michigan and moved to California.

    I realize that I must retake the NCLEX-PN in CA.

    I have never had a license in CA. I have been studying many review books for NCLEX-PN. However I was wondering if there are any worthwhile refresher courses in or near the central valley of CA that may help me.

    My questions are the following:

    Will CA allow me to take the NCLEX after 21 years of not having a license, and being out of nursing school even longer?

    Do you know of a quality refresher course for LVN's in or near the Central Valley of CA?

    Am I wasteing my time studying? Will BON allow someone like me to even sit for the NCLEX-PN?

    I am willing to take an online course as well, do you know of any?

    So far I have only found a NCLEX-PN review course in Sacramento. Will that be enough to get me though the test (with self study of books at home)?

    I plan to be a hospice home nurse if/when I pass the NCLEX

    Thank you tons for all your help!!!

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