Does anyone know what a PEF Nurse is? Does anyone know what a PEF Nurse is? | allnurses

Does anyone know what a PEF Nurse is?

  1. 0 Hello, I was going through my mother's nursing stuff a few weeks ago and found a pin she got in Conn. or Buffalo.It says PEF nurses care.I've asked a few nurses if they knew, but nobody knows what it means.I was wondering if any of you guys know what PEF means? Thanks
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    Thanks, Thats probably what it is.I'm new to this site and didn't notice that spot.She would have loved this site and made a bunch of new friends here.
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    Sorry, I know this is a dated thread. But YES ... PEF is a union and stands for Public Employees Federation. More than likely she got the pin in Buffalo, as PEF nurses often work at the SUNY medical centers.
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