Any RN-BSN online programs that DON'T require an active RN License????

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    Hello Everyone!!
    I am soo anxious to get back into school for nursing and I am currently browsing throughout many online programs. HOWEVER, my license is currently not active at this time. Does anyone know of ANY programs that do not require a current active license to enroll in an online RN-BSN program?? Would appreciate any feedbacks! Thanx!
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    This is an old post, but I personally think that the for profit online schools are not the best way to get back into nursing. Call your local state school (private ones are often very expensive even though can be very good) and see what you have to do. Leave the for profit ones, both online and real brick and mortal schools, well alone!
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    I don't know of any program that doesn't require having an active and unencumbered RN license. How long has you nursing license lapsed? I really don't think you'll find one,,, it's an RN to BSN and your're not "registered" as a nurse in your state.


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