What Research is Needed?

  1. I think that we have all seen the topic: Need Ideas for a Research Paper...

    We all want to write something that will be interesting to us, but what is REALLY the icing on the cake is when the research is actually needed!

    For a lot of us students, we don't have access to the facilities that would allow for a full-fledged research study, so we are generally stuck with lit reviews and email-based surveys or simply workplace studies. This makes it harder to write a really cool paper that will revolutionize nursing.

    Most of the papers that I have written are not covering new ground (for me they are, but not for academia in general.)

    I would LOVE to hear from actual nurse researchers for suggestions for topics that are not well covered but badly needed.

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  3. by   link51411
    big topic for any hospital, because it involves money, is if you find ways to reduce infections that they have to pay for you will be very wealthy.