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    Hello all! I am new to this site, my first post!
    Anywho, I am thinking about possibly going into research nursing. I have been an RN, BSN since 2008 and have worked in two ambulatory surgery centers and now work in the main OR at a university hospital, just started there the first of this month. I have been thinking about research nursing for a while, and thought why not do it now. I just don't think I can stay in OR for the rest of my nursing career. Do I have a chance? Also, just having this type of nursing experience, will it delay me into getting a research position? Any advice is welcomed. Thanks so much!!!

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    Okay, second post- which U? Probably best to pm or email. rcox1 AT ouhsc DOT edu

    Your U should have a section for Research job postings, unless they're doing some odd-ball variation of running studies through clin-ops.
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    Hello! Thanks for the reply. Yes please private message me and tell me all about research. I work in Kansas City
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    Sorry I would pm you but I don't know how!! Haha
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    Sorry I emailed you bc this website won't let me pm!

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