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    i am doing a masters course in clinical nursing (geriatrics). one of my assignments involves comparing nurse coordinators in different countries. this includes nurses coordinating a number of project and those responsible for specific ones. i would really appreciate some help...

    would anyone out there be willing to answer a short questionnaire?
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    I would be happy to help if I am able. I am a study coordinator at an Oncology outpatient clinic. We run trials for pharmaceutical companies and NWCCOP in Lacey Washington. Please send me a private message (PM) or you can reach me through my personal e-mail in my profile.
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    I am a haem onc research co-ordinator/research nurse in the UK working on a portfolio of in house/commercial Phase I to III trials. Happy to help. Please let me know if you want me to forward my personal email address to you.
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    thank you for your willingness to help but it is no longer necessary. the project is in and we had an interesting time doing it..