Research career & per diem bedside job?

  1. I recently accepted a position as a full-time clinical research nurse. It's a complete 180 in terms of patient population. I work in pediatrics now and am considering trying to work "per diem" on my unit in order to maintain my bedside skills. I don't need the extra money, but my biggest concerns are a) what if i don't absolutely love my new job and b) what if down the road I move and can't find a job in research.

    For those who work in research, do you work per diem in bedside nursing at all? Do you recommend doing so?
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  3. by   flyingchange
    I do this. I came from ED nursing and now work in Emergency research. I kept my old position on the floor and still pick up shifts every few weeks. It keeps me current, plus it's fun to be a bedside nurse when it's not my full time occupation anymore!
  4. by   RNperdiem
    I actually work with a couple of other per diem nurses with non-bedside jobs who do work the occasional ICU shift to stay current. One works in research and the other works in nursing informatics.
    Yes it is good insurance to keep your skills current while earning a little extra money.