Qualitative research

  1. Well I am entering this mesg for the second time firstly was in general discussion, anyway I hope I can find more answers here in the speciality forum.
    I am doing masters in Nursing and having a problem understanding this essay question:

    Is clinical qualitative research an 'add-on' to conventional methods or a method in its own right?

    Me and other friends trying to understand it but..... so please can anyone explain it in english not academic english. I appreciate it.

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  3. by   llg
    The question is asking whether or not qualitiative research should be considered legitimate enough to be used as the only method used in a research project -- or whether it is not a fully legitimate way of learning and should only be used in addition to "more respected" quanititative methods.

    If you think qualitative methods are worthy of respect, you would answer that they ARE legitimate methods and can stand alone.

    If you do not have much respect for qualitative methods, you would answer that they should not be used alone. In other words, they should always used in conjunction with quantitative methods.

    Either way, you should be prepared to justify your answer with an analysis of the strengths and limitations of qualitative research methods.