Nursing research Supplement exam. Need your Help!!!

  1. Hello everybody,

    I'm in my 3rd year of nursing school and I have to do a supplement exam in nursing research. For some reason I'm finding nursing research difficult.

    I'm doing my supp exam on Tuesday and I need about 78 to get a pass in the course. I went in with a 56 :uhoh21:
    I need to get 65 overall in the course to pass.

    I have been studying my butt off for almost 2 weeks but am still finding certain aspects hard. My test is going to be 60% MC and 40% short answers.

    I wished i had a study guide or sample MC i could go by.

    Does anybody know any websites that can help as an undergrad nursing research course??
    Examples from NCLEX or an RN exam I can go by? anything?

    Thank you for any help
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