need a topic for a research article critique ...ASAP!! need a topic for a research article critique ...ASAP!! | allnurses

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need a topic for a research article critique ...ASAP!!

  1. 0 I am taking nursing research in an RN-BSN program and need a topic for an article critique. It has to be fairly specific and an actual research article from a primary source. I simply cannot think of anything to look for. the data must be within the last 5 years....any suggestions??
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    did you try to google it...tons of topics come up. I just got done taking research and boy am I glad its over
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    yea...I used google but I dont think I used the right search phrase maybe. I put in "new trends in emergency nursing" just to see any new protocols or procedures that may be out there that would have good research to back it up but that just gave me some very vague responses..
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    When i had no clue in school, i would google what I was being asked to do + example. Many times i would get ideas that way, then do my own search seeking exactly my topic. Good luck