Looking for post-op bariatric surgery patients for dissertation study.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a DNP student and I need some help finding post-bariatric surgery patients for my dissertation study. I would love to get patients who are at least 1 or 2+ years out of the surgery. Does anyone know of a forum with post-surgical bariatric patients where I can contact the webmaster and email forum members my survey?

    Thanks all!
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    I might be a little to help you with your dissertation, but I had RNY gastric bypass in September, 2006. Down 185 lbs, and a marathon runner now. Feel free to email me.
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    Thanks for the offer to help TessInStLouis.

    I put up this post over a year ago and have since changed the methodology for my dissertation study. I'm now doing a secondary data analysis and won't be recruiting study participants. :-(

    If all goes well, I'm planning to be done around March-May. Thanks again for the interest and congrats to you for maintaining your weight loss after so many years post-op. Also, marathon runner? Wow is all I can say.