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Hi! Tips For Breaking In The Field

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    How goes it? I am an LPN in the Jacksonville, FL area. I also have a BS in Psychology. I have suspected for awhile now that I just might really enjoy research nursing. However, how in the world do you break into this field? I rarely see open positions listed.

    I have had 3 stats courses, carried out and participated in multiple research projects during undergrad, written proposals, etc. So, I am familar with how scientific research works. If any of you have a degree in psychology, you know that psychology is centered around research, research, research!

    I would appreciate it a great deal if some of you would be kind enough to guide me in the right direction.

    Thank you all very much.

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    Try searching for a job title of "Clinical Research Coordinator".
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    As above, and I would look at the U of Fl at Jacksonville(assuming you're still there) first. Different places have different requirements, so you may also look at "Research Assistant", as well.

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