Help from a Nurse Researcher!!

  1. I could really use some help from a Nurse Researcher that has been involved in a EBP study. I am currently taking an EBP class for an accelerated program and need to find a contact to email back and forth (definitely NOT a huge commitment, just a couple questions) for part of an assignment.

    Begin by asking the following key questions:
    1. How did you become interested in the topic or subject matter ( what was your inspiration) ?
    2. How do you view or project application of this study to evidence based nursing practice?
    3. What are your goals and hopes in terms of the outcomes of this study?
    4. What is or has been the greatest challenge in conducting this study?

    If anyone would be kind enough to respond, that would be great! The more the merrier, I know most of the class hasn't been able to find any contacts yet. THANK YOU!!!!
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