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    I am a new grad working in the ICU that is done with bedside nursing. My previous career was as a research assistant and I'm missing it. I'm looking into working as a research nurse/clinical research coordinator. Are there any places in the Fort Worth area but not Dallas that will hire and train clinical research coordinators? I know UNT Health Science Center does. Is there anywhere else? Any help would be greatly appreciately!! Thanks!!

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    Academic medical centers are going to be your best bet. That being said, don't count out community specialty care clinics. If there is a particular patient population you are interested in start looking at the specialists in your area and see if they do any clinical research. One way to find out who is participating in trials near you is by doing a search on Good luck, research is a great field.
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    I was just wondering if anybody had some additional input since I posted this. I've now been working in the ICU for 1 year and would still like to pursue clinical research. I know there are many Dallas-based facilities, but are there any other Fort Worth Area research centers? Thanks in advance!

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