1. 0 I just finished up with both the phone interviews and the managerial interviews(2) I believe it went well as I tried my best to prepare for behaviour type questions and situations I encountered related to them. Well at least the told me I did very well then took me on a tour. I still have to get my ACLS class in this upcoming month. Anyone work for covance and have an input on them as an employer? Benefits, salaries, etc Is the company supportive of thier staff and nurses? Main think I look for is respect, fairness, honesty, and the ability to have some fun even at work. Pretty much I just want to clock in, do my job, clock out and go home Something I cant seem to get at any other job I've worked lol Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I have never worked for Covance so I don't haveany insight to provide. I was just wondering if they are still paranoid about being infiltrated by PETA members.

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