Clinical Nurse Educator and Preceptor research

  1. clinical nurse educator and preceptor research

    i am currently undertaking a masters of nursing science by coursework with a minor thesis component. i work as a mental health nurse and have a strong interest in clinical preceptorship and support a range of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate nurses. i am interest in views and ideas related to the following questions for a minor thesis.

    what is the role of the clinical nurse educator in supporting preceptors within the clinical setting?

    what are the barriers for clinical nurse educators that inhibit positive and effective engagement with preceptors and quality student clinical placements?

    what long term effects do these factors have on recruitment and consumer centred care?

    how can these barriers be addressed and what strategies can be implemented to ensure that clinical nurse educators and preceptors have capacity and scope to fulfi their clinical roles?

    any ideas on type of research design and methodology would also be appreciated.
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