Any clinical research coordinator here?

  1. Hi, I am a recent graduate nurse from BSN and just got my RN license. I will have a phone interviw for a clinical research coordinator position next week. I really don't know too much about what kinda work clinical research coordinator does. Is anyone here a clincial research coordinator? Can you tell me more about what type of work you usually perform everyday or what's your major job assigments. Any help is greatly appreciated~thanks
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  3. by   Rob72
    Your duties will depend very much on where you are hired. Some research RNs only do assessments, a few rating scales, and draw blood. Others may do regulatory documents in addition to patient assessment, and a few will do in-patient monitoring.

    Lots of documentation, good people skills with generally limited contact, possibly some case-management skills(referring to other care providers, calling scripts, arranging cabs/transportation, collection of outside medical records).

    I also do telephone follow-up for clinic patients for QA/QI and some other research projects, and maintain the data on Excel or Access spreadsheets.

    If you can offer some idea as to what/where the office is, I can offer more suggestions that may be more tailored with your experience and education in relation to possible needs.

    Email me if you want.
    rcox1 AT ouhsc DOT edu