Allegations of Research Misconduct: Red Wine Study (Resveratrol)

  1. 1 dipak k. das, a university of connecticut researcher who studied the link between aging and a substance found in red wine (resveratrol) has committed more than 100 acts of data fabrication and falsification, the university said wednesday (1/11/2012), throwing much of his work into doubt.

    [font=calibri-bolditalic]unequivocal image manipulation - data fabrication - 57 instances noted
    [font=calibri-bolditalic]splicing - data fabrication [font=ms mincho]‐[font=calibri-bolditalic] 20 instances noted
    [font=calibri-bolditalic]background erasure - data falsification [font=ms mincho]‐[font=calibri-bolditalic] 16 instances noted
    [font=calibri-bolditalic]duplication - data fabrication [font=ms mincho]‐[font=calibri-bolditalic] 52 instances noted

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