What CRRN Means to Me ?

  1. 0 What CRRN mean's to me ? " Compassion , Respect and Restoration thru Nurturing of a broken body and soul. " - Franklin Rebay Dela Cruz BSN RN CRRN...... Diminutive image of a gentle, compassionate hands; caressing the forehead of a meekly sick old man. Covering his shivering torso with a shear aged wool; while carefully respecting his dignity , in full. Watching the old man status decline, I prayed for my nursing wisdom, judgement and restoration to bind. Waiting for the light to shine and lessen his pain & health inclined. Nurturing his weakened body and mind. His soul recovered and breathed back to life in time. Reference: www.rehabgrowthcrrn.weebly.com
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