Vibra Healthcare experience, anyone?

  1. Anyone had experience working in any of the Vibra Healthcare acute rehab hospitals? If so, what did you think of them as a company? Any issues or concerns about the work/practice environment? I have an interview at a Vibra facility. Thanks!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Although I've never worked for that company, there is a Vibra Specialty Hospital in my metro area that seems like an interesting place to work.
  4. by   MickeyMouth
    A horrible place to work especially the one in San Diego. I worked there as registry and I must say that is the most ill-ran LTAC I've ever worked at. The CNA's are lazy which makes your job harder. Out of 5 patients, you will have three feeders, four incontinent, and an aide that is conveniately on her break every time you need help cleaning poop. The nurses are extremely unhappy and on anti-depressants. Most of them are LVN's and they stay because hospital jobs are scarce. The last time I went they had new staff. I mean, they should tell you something right there hun. The most awful place I've been ever. Hope that helps.