Surviving another DOH Yearly Survey...let's chat!

  1. I am a Rehab Nurse, I am also an RN so I have a wide range of titles I can work any given day. Facility Supervisor,Charge Nurse, Admissions Nurse, Team Nurse or Staff Nurse is what I mean by saying wide range of titles. I really do enjoy my patients and my coworkers. We are an amazing team when staffed properly. I find this area of nursing very rewarding. There are certain aspects of the administration and facility politics that I can do without as well as working short staffed. Sometimes I feel the Rehab nurse has more responsibility than one nurse should be expected to handle. With that said, I am approaching my 5th Department Of Health Survey/ Inspection and the degree of stress this brings me and my coworkers is sometimes unbearable. I can do my job with my eyes closed. It is by NO means easy but I have developed a routine and have been doing it long enough that I feel confident that I deliver good care to the best of my ability.
    Any advice? Tricks of the trade? Success stories?
    I am trying to approach this one as calmly and stress free as possible.
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