Sub-Acute Rehab Facility

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    I am a new grad and just accepted my first RN position at a sub-acute rehab facility on a med surg floor. I am very excited but scared as well! Can anyone give me any insight on what to expect? Or what I should brush up on and study?

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    Many of the patients in subacute rehab are too sick or weak to be discharged home, but nothing more can be done for them at the hospital. Therefore, these patients are in limbo. If they do well with rehab, they are discharged to home. If they do poorly with rehab, they stand the chance of becoming a long term resident of a nursing home.

    Expect some post-operative cases such as knee and hip replacements, laminectomies, s/p CABGs, cervical fusions, colectomies, limb amputations, etc. Expect some medical cases such as s/p CVAs, s/p MIs, pneumonia, CHF exacerbation, and COPD exacerbation.

    Expect to use plenty of basic nursing skills such as wound care, suture and staple removal, ostomy care, Foley catheter care, CPM machine operation, IV therapy, tracheostomy care, oxygen therapy, and so forth.
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    Thank you!!!

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