Restorative Nursing

  1. 0 I recently became the director of restorative nursing in my facility. Every one else who has had this job has also been director of rehab also. I have 6 CNA's under me. I am looking at our programs that we have in place and it just feels like we are wasting their time and that of the residents in our facility. And most of my CNA's feel very "blah" about their jobs.

    I am looking to revitalize the program under the guidace of my DON, who has only worked LTC for two months now, so we are both learning as we go. But we are looking to increase money coming in where we can and get better results for those on the floor.

    Any suggestions? Most of the posts i see related to restorative are a few years old and looking to see if any one has any new info also.
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