Rehab CQI in LTC

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    calling all my usual players:

    ok, so we all know the general rules for ltc nursing rehab:
    a. measurable objectives.
    b. periodic evaluation.
    c. nurses aides are trained in the techniques.
    d. supervised by members of nursing staff
    e. no group with larger than a 1 staff : 4 resident ratio.

    so does any of my other friends out there in ltc rehab have an audit tool?
    one that also captures staff and patient responses?

    like.. residents response to program?
    staff response to program?
    does staff feel this is effective?

    addressing compliance of staff and client.
    addressing reporting back to the rehab nurse for changes(decline and improvement)

    all of that???

    let me know... im searchin.

    sitcom nurse....sometimes god turns on the sitcomnurse channel.. its like comedy central for her.