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  1. G'Day Rehab Nurses around the world

    Does anyone know of any documentation guidelines. eg what should nurses be writing in there notes at the end of their shift. On a recent audit I discovered that each nurse writes their clinical notes in different ways. Some OK and some not so OK. Overall they didnt tell much.

    Any ideas would be more than appreciated.

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  3. by   mom2cka
    We chart both in a SPEADO format (skin, pain, elimination, activity, diet and other) and to the FIM - therefore, a basic nursing note, including addressing abnormals, and include specifics regarding the FIM support (although we're trying to revamp to document elsewhere for the FIM) - we are an acute rehab unit and chart differently from the rest of the units in the hospital. Some nurses write almost in an outline format, others prefer a narrative note. It was hammered into us in school to chart short and sweet, include only what you needed - then I started in rehab and learned to be a bit more elaborative in my charting. Hope that helps!