Peds Rehab Count for CRRN?

  1. I have been in adult rehab nursing for almost a year, and though I kind of fell into rehab upon graduation, I've come to really enjoy it and also want to work toward specializing in something. Even though I like my job, it's a 50 mile (one-way) commute from my house, the hospital is non-computerized, and the administration is constantly changing (we had the nurse manager and DON quit within the same month, always getting new bosses, and none of the administration is on our side). I've been looking for rehab jobs that are closer to me, with well-respected names. I also came across a children's rehab hospital and would love to get peds experience as I'm also working on my Family NP part time. My question is, would I be eligible for rehab certification (CRRN) with a year of adult and a year of peds rehab, or does it have to be two years of all adult? I would love to have the credentials of CRNP and CRRN and possible work as a nurse practitioner in a rehab hospital someday.
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  3. by   dishes
    RNs with two years of rehab experience are eligible to write the CRRN, it does not matter if it is adult and/or pediatric rehab, just have the managers in both places to verify your experience.