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    I am an LPN, pursuing RN through Regents College, and have just been hired at a Rehab hospital so that I can be kept up to date on acute care. This is the closest I can get to acute care, since med-surg hospitals won't hire me. Would like to have an idea of what to expect in rehab nursing - work load, treatments, equipment, etc. Please e-mail me at
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    Part of your job will be to be a cheerleader for your patients. Be sure to find out what their rehab goals are and support their progress toward reaching those goals, even the small ones. A little praise and encouragement goes a long way. Expect a lot of lifting and try to have one of the experienced rehab nurses give you some tips on transfer techniques.
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    This discussion was started back in 1998, so I wonder if the nurse who originally started this thread is still working at the same rehab hospital nearly 14 years later. An update would be nice.