New grad RN pay at healthsouth in TX New grad RN pay at healthsouth in TX | allnurses

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New grad RN pay at healthsouth in TX

  1. 0 Anyone a new grad RN working at health south in texas? What was your starting pay? please message me if you would not like to share in the thread

    Thanks I would really appreciate it!
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    One of my coworkers, an newer RN with a BSN degree and no real clinical experience, was started at $23 hourly at a Healthsouth located in the DFW area of Texas.
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    CHRISTUS St. John has a base pay for new nurses of $26.00/hr. We desperately need nurses.
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    I know this is post is a bit old, but any idea on LVN pay at HealthSouth in San Antonio? Thanks in advance!