Job Description of a Restorative Nurse

  1. Hello, Can anyone tell me what a restorative nurse does on a day-to-day basis? Im interested in this position at my facility but I'm not sure what the position entails...Thanks
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  3. by   SitcomNurse
    you need to ask your facility what the job description ins. Im in LTC, so my position could be very different from yours.
    Hospital NR, short term rehab NR, LTC NR, ....
    Ask for or conduct a job title search, also, talk to the people on the unit.

    I can tell you in general, we try to have the patients get incrementally better at performing their own ADL skills every day, balanced on the care of the PT/OT department, but organized, planned and carried out by Nurses to support the goals and gains made by formal therapy.

    good luck.