interview with healthsouth

  1. Hi everyone,
    i have a interview with healthsouth and im really nervous about it any advise?What kind of question can i acspect?Thank you for any advise!
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  3. by   groovy jeff
    Health South in what city?
  4. by   iamlvp2
    Is this Healthsouth in Alabama?
  5. by   Angel37
    Yes its in Alabama sorry for the late replay,i accepted the prn position for the weekends and im really overwhelmed with this job im never comeing out on time having 8 pt who are very very sick sometimes i really think they dont even belong in a Rehab hospital and most of the time while im working there are pt i have to sent out to the ER because they are having onother stroke or heartattack.They allways on the calllight no CNA when you need one it is really frustrating.Tomorrow i gotta go back to work and i feel allready exhausted just thinking about it ugh.I hope its gonna get better or im having to find me something else,but its not easy.
  6. by   OnurseHS
    I work in rehab and if you think it is hard, do not attempt an acute care step down unit specializing in renal resp and vent patients because that is much harder coming from that
    To rehab