How would you compare acute nursing to other floors?

  1. I am a new grad who will be starting at a rehabilitation facility that deals with a lot of acute patients (and some subacute). I will be working nights with an average load of 6-8 patients.

    I am interested to hear how you would compare this to a med-surg unit on the day shift with a 1:4-5 ratio, which I have worked in the past during clinical.

    I am concerned about the lifting, of course. I'm also concerned about how busy the floor will be for me. Ideally, I do not prefer floors that are non-stop craziness (like I experienced while working med-surg on days). While I did all right keeping up with the work, it really wore me out physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    Any insight from those who have worked in a similar setting (acute setting with 1:6-8 ratio) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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