How do you become a Rehab Nurse?

  1. 0 [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]I have a B.S in Kinesiology and am about to finish a COMPTA accredited Massage Therapy School. I've been told that I would be awesome as a nurse but don't know what the next steps are. Should I get an Associates, an LPN or 2nd BS degree? What will "work" in order to become a Rehab Nurse?
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    A 2nd BSN will provide the highest income and a widest range of career opportunities in rehab. If you are not currently working with rehab clients, you might consider volunteering with a wheelchair sports team or at a rehab centre to increase your knowledge in this specialty area.
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    Any one of the aforementioned career pathways will work, since LPNs, ADNs, and BSNs all work as rehab nurses. However, I agree with the previous poster that a second BSN will enable its holder to have more opportunities and career advancement.

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