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  1. Hi everyone. I am an experienced ER nurse moving to a charge position in a Rehab/Skilled Nursing unit inside the hospital. I will be responsible for 15 patients, 1 LPN, and 1 CNA. My primary function will be to do MD orders, IV meds, and whatever else only an RN can do. The LPN will do PO meds and treatments. Is this a good ratio for evening shift? I've never been a floor nurse nor a charge nurse so this will be all new to me. Any works of advice?

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I am an LPN/LVN. When I worked subacute rehab, I had 15 patients on day shift and 30 patients on night shift. This was with the help of one CNA.

    An RN supervisor was present during day shift to perform the occasional task that was not within my scope of practice, such as TPN or giving Lasix via IV push. I still had to round with doctors, take off all orders, do all admissions and discharges, perform wound care, obtain finger stick blood sugars, give insulin injections, pass all oral meds, flush PICC lines, give all IV meds that were not cardioactive, and telephone attending physicians with any changes in conditions.