Do your CNAs do bowel programs?

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    I always thought bowel programs were an RN thing - since you have to check for impaction and do dig stim, but I have found out that several CNAs have been doing them where I work. Isn't that outside of their scope of practice?
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    Be certain what you mean when you say 'bowel program'. Are you sure that the CNA's are actually doing all that? Seems like doing anything invasive is waaaay out of their scope of practice.

    Check with your facility's policy and procedure manual.

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    it appears to be common practice for pca's to do dig stim in the facility i work in. that was a surprise to me. perhaps they are specially trained (i'm unsure). i would guess/hope/imagine that rns would provide bowel training to patients that tend to be more sensitive to developing autonomic dysreflexia.