CNA credentialing/Rehab Manual

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    Hey all, Im just wondering if any of you out there have thought about the F-Tag "F-498", and how it affects your Rehab practices.

    I am trying to get some credentialing started for the facility I work in, and that particular F-Tag is about demonstrating competency in restoratvie services.

    I was looking at a manual, and it is only $150, with a DVD too... I so dislike the DVD's of perfect people in perfect non screaming settings.

    So I am wondering if any of you have a manual on CNA training for Nursing Rehab that you like or prefer, or wish you had that I could look into before I buy.


    Oh, and how is everyone program going?
    Its been almost 2 years for me here, and we are still facing marginal problems, opposition and lack of knowledge.
    I wouldnt change my position though, I really enjoy what Im doing!

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