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Braintree Rehabilitation hospital

  1. 0 Braintree Rehab Hospital in braintree/natick massachusetts? Anyone employed there? Or suggestions/comments about working there? thanks!
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    Welcome to Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital, Inpatient and Outpatient Acute Rehab Facility

    I've never even been to MA, but according to the website, it seems to offer the services that any other typical rehabilitation hospital offers such as 24-hour nursing care, PT, OT, ST, and so forth.
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    which can give more experience to a new grad (ie 0 - 1 year) a skilled nursing facility or this type of nursing? rehab nursing
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    If I had a choice between a rehabilitation hospital and a skilled nursing facility, I would choose to work at the rehab hospital as a new grad since the nurse/patient ratios tend to be slightly better.