Advice for new RN in Rehab job

  1. Hi! I graduated in May and will be starting my first RN job in a one year residency program on my facility's Rehab unit. Our specialty is spinal cord injury, stroke, and traumatic brain injury patients. I start Monday I was a PCA on the unit just a few times (was in float pool), during NS and loved it so I'm excited about this first job. Do any of you that work or have worked in rehab have any advice for me? What can I expect? Is there anything I should be studying now that will help? What books/manuals will be good for me to have/use on a daily basis while on the job? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!! TIA!
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  3. by   slave_diverRN
    If you're looking for things to review in preparation:

    If you have stroke patients:
    Different kinds of diets...what is mechanical soft vs soft vs pureed?
    Learn about thin vs thick liquids.
    Review parkinson's meds.
  4. by   JRP1120, RN
    Thanks for your response!