What Kind of Forum Is This???

  1. 3 Welcome to the Diploma, ADN or BSN forum.

    What this forum is for is a friendly forum where people can ask questions such as "I'm not sure which is best for me ADN, Dipoloma or BSN", or any other requestions regarding the various types of degrees. All questions will be respectfully answered.

    There are a few threads here with some heated discussions. We will try to keep "debates" to these threads. If someone posts another debate type question you might find your thread closed with a referral to existing debates.

    Respect is the key. What we as mods will not tolerate is a "my degree is holier than thou degree". There is no need to degrade another persons educational path to claim yours is superior.

    When debating remember we debate the topic and do not flame individual posters.

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    Tweety has '21' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Trauma, Med-Surg, Neuro, Telemetry'. From 'Saint Petersburg, Florida'; Joined Oct '02; Posts: 56,605; Likes: 29,020.

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