Texas Tech RN-BSN Summer 2012

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    Has anyone applied to the TT RN-BSN program for the summer 2012? Do you know when we will hear about acceptance? I have heard good things about this program.
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    Received offer today, so you should know shortly
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    I also received my offer today. I guess I'll see ya there. I have to get someone to work for me on Sunday so I can attend on Monday, May 14.
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    Just curious if you know the cost of tuition? 100% online? Accredited by CCNE or NLNAC? No clinicals? I am trying to find an online program. Thank you
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    I think it is about $3000 a semester (tuition and books). It is online and a one day orientation in Lubbock. It is 2 semesters long after prerequisites. I have heard great things about this program.


    Good luck.
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    I've received an offer as well. Anyone have any Info about any of the instructors?