Question about getting my MSN?

  1. So I eventually want to get my masters in nursing. I have been thinking about going to grad school to be a Certified Nurse Midwife. I also have been thinking about getting my doctorate to become a NP. (A doctorate will be required after 2015 which is before I would finish grad school.)
    So can I go from getting my MSN (just regular nursing) and then waiting a bit and going back to get my DNP? Can I become a CNM and then go back to be a NP? Or do i have to go straight to my DNP?

    Thanks guys!
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  3. by   N1colina
    You can do whatever you want! No really, there is no proper order in which you complete your degrees. What are you now? RN? BSN? If just RN, you can go for a RN-MSN program or just RN-NP program, where you will obtain your MSN at the same time. Then, if you wanted to get specialized as a nurse midwife you could do that after (or before) for another year of school. But, I don't believe you could do both at the same time (go for NP and Midwife)